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OutsourcingWay.Com is a Freelancer Blog

Outsourcing Way is the learning and earning related education blog site. A group of experienced freelancers, prominent writers operating this blog. It is not involved with any training institute or center of outsourcing and freelancing,financial transactions in local, national or international and not job provider. There are no agents, partners, clients of this blog site. More over it is not direct provide any services and products like Apps, software development,training materials and outsourcing solutions. Content marketing and mass awareness creates to the Bangla language speaking about freelancing is the main goal of blog ‘Outsourcing Way’ .



OUR MISSION IS TO HELP PEOPLE FIND MEANINGFUL EMPLOYMENT as online income from freelancing marketplace and other sources.

Bangladesh has already become the second-largest supplier of online labour, according to the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). About 700,000 active freelancers are working regularly, out of 250,000 registered freelancers in the country; between them they are generating $100 million annually, according to the ICT Division of Bangladesh.Outsourcing in Bangladesh has grown due to the uprising of our IT sector and IT development. With the help of the government it is now booming.

Freelancing jobs include everything from computer programming to web design, tax preparation, and search engine optimization. This has generated a wide range of new opportunities for people in emerging markets that did not previously exist. Bangladesh has become the number-one region for providing outsourcing services to the rest of the world.

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