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Things two times before take paid Freelancing course

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it” – “Estée Lauder”.  American famous woman entrepreneur.

There is a lot of talk about outsourcing way and freelancing to earn money online. There is a category that is addicted to the idea of becoming big people overnight and attracting people through various advertisements. Many people are being cheated by being attracted by these gaudy ads to earn online. The word freelancing or outsourcing is not very well known in our country, but thanks to dishonest businessmen and flashy advertisements, the words are now generating curiosity in people’s minds, and is already being hailed as a very familiar words to the young people. But Things two times before take paid Freelancing courses.


Need right platform to work.


One thing that is often heard in our country now is easy way to earn online. My point is, if it was so easy to earn dollars/money online, then billions of people in the world would stop working day and night and sit in their homes with a computer and internet connection, and earn dollars.

But the actual picture is a little different. In fact if you have the skills then you will be successful in the freelancing job sector. What’s different about outsourcing is that there is freedom to work and get work that you don’t get in other professions. Another difference is that you will get proper evaluation of your hard work and get proper remuneration for it, in other professions for which there is constant bargaining between executives and managers, which is not the case in freelancing.

In short, outsourcing way to earn money easily by doing the right thing. Where to be successful you need to master the skills first, and get on the right platform to work.

Check the course details

One should be especially careful with online courses, who is operating (trainer)the course, what is his qualification or check the goodwill of their company try to talk with concerned previous students. Now many people learn two lines and sit down with cheap online course business. It is not right to do any kind of financial transaction just by talking on mobile, Facebook or even by looking at attractive, flashy advertisements. Before doing any financial transaction with anyone, definitely visit their office, discuss the details, talk to the course provider (trainer) first. Check the course guidelines carefully.


To become a freelancer by admission

You are being cheated because your greed is high — you will earn by taking 3-4 classes without knowing anything, you are admitted for that, you don’t care about what you have to learn. You are not willing to suffer, you want to become a freelancer by admission. Earn halal income with difficulty, you can work and eat for the rest of your life.


To be a rich man too soon


You are being cheated because you want to be a rich man too soon — you may have forgotten that freelancing is not an ordinary profession, it is not possible to earn good income unless you are quite an expert in this profession.

learn freelancing for poor money

You are being cheated because you want to earn 100% before learning, so you didn’t go to a good institute to save some money, you got caught because of that. Eliminate this thought of where to learn freelancing for poor money.


How deep you know the work

I get about 50/60 calls per day – about learning freelancing or outsourcing, they all want to know more or less what subjects I train on, what are the benefits, etc. But one question hurts me a lot when some of them want to know, brother, can I earn USD$200/300 per month for sure by doing this course?? As usual my answer is – “Yes you can but I cannot give you any guarantee. But you have to be confident, hardworking, above all patient. Courses alone can never be relied upon, one must also study a lot and have the interest to learn from good resources. In this competitive market, you should not only take courses, but also use your creativity to get a job. When you succeed, it depends on how deep you know the work.”


learn, learn, more and more learn

Again, many people hope that the trainer from whom you are learning will continue to give you work, I am talking about this – he will carefully teach you the work to earn, then show you the right ways to earn and give you directions on how to succeed quickly, he will be by your side to make you confident.

Yes, it is true that apart from learning the work, if you practice on some real projects, the work can be learned better. In the 1st step of learning to work, your only focus will be – learn. learn, learn, learn more and learn more.


To be a lifelong worker

Courses, training are systematically required to learn the necessary subjects consistently in less time. Self-learning can lead to misinterpretation. There are no professional subjects which do not require or require professional training/course degree.

All professions have several levels. Some are workers, some are executives, some are managers and some are directors. If you want to be a lifelong worker, you should learn from Google and YouTube. If you want to build a top level and long term career, knowledge should be like that.


Certificate knowledge and professional

Digital marketing, SEO, graphics, programming are not so much that someone will become a professional by taking a course for a few days and learning a few things. Certificate courses are of two/three months duration. Based on a specific topic. Certificate knowledge builds people’s working capacity. It does not make him professional. Professional courses are longer. The main focus is academic subjects as well as complimentary subjects. By doing this he developed a deep knowledge of his own subject. Apart from doing the job properly, the ability to design and execute solutions for any situation is developed.

99% people were disappointed

Things two times before take paid Freelancing course.

Few peoples thing freelancing jobs means upwok, fiverr, guru, people per hour, freelancer dot com. After learning to work from this so-called idea, create a profile in these few market places and bid 10/12, 99% of them get disappointed from the world of freelancing or outsourcing and say GOOD BYE without getting any interview reply. But why would this happen? You have to understand that you are not just bidding alone, this is a competitive market, you have to understand first – if you are not patient, confident, hardworking then this sector is not for you. To achieve success, you must not only dream, you must work hard for it, cherish your dreams. In order to fulfill your dreams, you have to ask Allah along with hard work. Again I am tell you things two times before take paid Freelancing course.


Job search in local market

Reduce dependence on upwok, fiverr, people per hour, freelancer only for outsourcing work. Nowadays you are learning SEO, SMM, Video Marketing, Web design, Graphic Design, article writing etc. for outsourcing work. Are these jobs only available on upwok, fiverr, people per hour, freelancer? Have you checked out our local market? Search the domestic online job portals (bdjobs, prothom-alo jobs, etc.) and see the job circulars for these jobs. Where your work skills are preferred over educational qualifications. Now you will say, “Brother works a lot but the salary is very little”. I mean, when are we going to change our no-nonsense attitude? By working in these places, you can at least weld yourself.

Flashy ads (Proposed free training but later)

Earn more without working or with less work, these are frauds. When a country wants to give me more than I deserve in the conventional system, it will be full of lies and fraud, why don’t we understand this little thing? In fact, we are lazy and greedy, so we are easy targets for these fraudsters. So don’t be lured by the flashy ads you see on YouTube or Facebook.


Come to the point to earn money online by freelancing

As hard as you run Facebook, if you work hard, you’ll be halfway to your goal long ago. No more delay, just start. If you don’t take the field out of fear of losing, you will never win. To win, you have to get on the field. You have to be careful. How long will your leg injury last? 15-20 minutes, 2-3 hours, 2-4 days, 3-4 weeks or 1 year. Then the pain will disappear, the wound will dry up, the scar will disappear. You can sit with this injury for the rest of your life or you can take the field and take on the challenge again. Effort is the only reason to be successful. Not once or twice but thousands of times. Try until you succeed. Try to see the very end. Every time you fail, try to learn from that failure and start again to earn money online by freelancing.

So it’s not too late. Let the effort to fulfill the dream start from today. Don’t be fooled by someone’s false guarantee, go ahead on your own initiative. Things two times before take paid freelancing courses .


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