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How to write viral post(2023)

You are sitting on mobile and playing games. Watching movies. Chatting on Facebook all day long.

Do you know, right at that time, thousands of people in the world are earning 5-30, 50-100 or even 500 dollars daily by sitting at home through the Internet. You can also take that opportunity if you want. You can also earn by writing viral posts.

Lost in thought?

What to write, what to write about, I have no experience in writing. Various questions are arising in my mind. right?

As beginners start, so do you. Know:

What is article writing?

How to write articles?

What are the ways to earn money by writing articles online?

Follow the rules to write a viral post

Anyone can write a good article, article/content by keeping the grammar and syntax, keywords right. However, as a beginner freelancer you have to remember that your objective is to earn online and your livelihood depends on that internet income. For that you need to learn how to write commercial purpose articles, articles/contents.

Be exactly what the customer or editor wants

You will make yourself known as a brand with your articles. The more exposure you get, the higher the selling price of your articles. Writing general articles, articles/content for newspapers is one thing, but creating SEO based writing for online promotion of a product or organization is totally different.

Magazines, newspapers, commercial blogs and informational websites are always on the lookout for new(unique) original content. The secret to writing good articles is understanding how to plan and structure before writing a piece. A well-structured article will show you your writing skills.

It will give the reader a good impression of you.

The structure of the writing will be what you want to write to convey your ideas to the reader accurately, concisely, clearly and completely. The key to good structure is good planning.

Each of your articles should include the following:

An appropriate title

A very engaging introductory paragraph (intro para)

Main discussion

A concluding paragraph (conclusion)


Let’s discuss the above issues in detail below.

A good article title phrase should be a very strong meaningful bullet heading

For example, know how to create viral content.

New writers often overlook what important titles are. But you must create headlines that are informative and catchy. It was read by the editor first.

The title will indicate at a glance what your article aims to be, who the readers are and the questions the article promises to answer.

You have to remember when writing and believe that writing is selling. Through that you are going to earn online. The text should be written in the way the person who edits or buys wants. You won’t get any money if you write the exception or write as you like.

How to write a headline

I wrote this article for online publication. That means most readers will discover it through search engines. If you want readers to find your article online, it is necessary to select keywords that people type into search engines. If you’re writing for the web, you should include at least one keyword in your title.

So the title structure should contain popular keywords.

Many a times editors pressure newbies with fabricated headlines. Try to associate them with spam, insensitivity and dishonesty. Aim to do something better.

In summary, a good title for an online article should include:

Although many editors still prefer a headline to illustrate the article’s content, the headline is often more important to pique curiosity than to inform in print. Take time to fix the title. Always study your market, or publisher’s guidelines, and adhere to the editor’s preferred style. A final word about titles: prepare editors to rewrite or replace them. it happens The final decision on the title is at the editor’s discretion. But whether or not your headline finds its way to print, learning a good headline is the first step to understanding how to sell articles.

How to write the first paragraph (paragraph) with keywords centered on the title?

The first paragraph is the most important part of your article and the first sentence is the most important part of the paragraph. The first paragraph has a lot of work to do. This should do:

Grab the reader’s attention

Apply the promise to the title

Be curious

The rest of the article will inspire readers.

Note what the title will be. Titles can be written.

If the beginning of the writing is not good, if it is nonsensical, dull or irrelevant, your buyer or reader or the editor will lose interest. It won’t matter how good the rest of the article is because the editor won’t read it. Keep your sentences short. Be clear, concise and concise. The editor should not do what you want to say.

Essentially: The article should be excellent with a catchy introduction. So that the reader wants to read the whole text.

come now

How to write the body of an article

  • When you write the body of your article, use the same style as you did in the first paragraph of your essay. A short piece can have as many as three body paragraphs. You can write dozens of paragraphs from one long paragraph to article. But in each case the sequential flow of ideas from one paragraph to the next (continuous narration) must be seamless.


  • Each paragraph should have a central idea. Explain the concept and support it with facts. Vary the paragraph length to manage the pace of your article.


  • Write clearly what you are writing so that the reader does not have trouble understanding.


  • Add relevant images, graphs, charts


  • Your article can lose the reader’s attention if it is just written and written. So add images, videos, charts related to the text in the post. This will increase the attractiveness of your article. Increase attention. Remember that sometimes a subject cannot be explained through writing, but it is possible to convey it easily through pictures.


Therefore, tailor the length of the article to perfectly reflect the needs of the topic the article is written about. If your article falls short of the required word count, it can be extended with additional words.



  • Find more information to highlight the main theme of the text.



  • In summary, the main body should include:


  • A series of paragraphs in logical sequence


  • A central idea in each paragraph


  • Information and supporting information and


How to write a good concluding paragraph or epilogue?

A good concluding paragraph is often short. When researching and writing your article, focus on what you want to say and say it completely and clearly. Do not introduce new information in the concluding paragraph. If you do your job well, there’s no need to say anything when you come to a conclusion.


Three of the most common styles of concluding paragraphs are:


A summary of the article


Ask a question of the reader


Answers to article questions


If you write a short conclusion, keep it short and sweet. Three sentences should be plenty.


As you reach the end of your essay, you should answer the questions posed in the opening paragraph of your essay. But it’s useful to close with a new question that follows on from what came before.


Comments This technique works well online to encourage lively discussion. If the main point of your article is presented logically but still does not answer the question raised, it needs to be answered in the concluding paragraph.


Try to write quietly: Phone, TV in front of you or with guests or children next to you do not write well. Because it distracts.


What to do after you write your article

Be careful! When your article is complete, you’ll want to submit it quickly.


It’s possible that despite all your hard work, the article isn’t transferable. Read and edit the article repeatedly to learn how to write marketable articles.



Put your article aside and work on something else. Leave it for several days before reading it again. Then read it three times.


Check the event


First check all your information is correct. Relying on memory is risky. If your article includes citations, exact names, and dates from other works, verify your authenticity using multiple sources. If an editor buys an article and finds it to be misleading or incorrect, you will never have the opportunity to sell another article to that publication.


Remember, the more you read, the clearer and more interesting the article will be:


Re-read and re-edit your article.


Read your article again and again. Use the red ink or delete key and cut out every unnecessary word or phrase.


Spell check/proof read your article:

In the third step, spell check your article which means checking spelling and grammar for mistakes. I recommend printing a copy of your article or changing the font in your word processor before proofreading. It’s easy to miss errors in any writing you write yourself. Changing its appearance helps you see it with fresh eyes.


Assistant-editors will correct remaining issues, but this is not their primary responsibility. To build a successful career as a freelance writer, take pride in your work and make it your best creation.


Now take a look at your article. The next day give it another pass to make sure it meets the publisher’s guidelines, is well-read, logical, clear and complete.


As I said in the beginning, the purpose of my writing is to try to provide a guide for beginner freelancers.


There is a big difference between writing articles and how to write articles/content to earn money online.


Remember that you are writing articles to promote a product or organization.


Keep in mind when writing articles/content:

  1. Read up on what you are writing about first.


  1. What are you writing for? Know it well.


  1. If you want to write for the purpose of promoting your own or a company’s product, then learn about that product. By showing a comparative image of the products of other similar companies, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each product. In the opinion, highlight the acceptability and popularity of your product. So that Customers are interested in buying.


  1. Before you start writing, decide who your readers are. Always keep in mind that they will read your writing.



  1. Look at what others have written about your topic, what information they have given. Then try to give new information.


  1. Enter paragraph names with sub head lines.


  1. If the writing is of very good quality, you will become a brand yourself. You will become famous in a short time. The price of writing will increase day by day. The customer will have to pay advance payment for your writing.


  1. Using correct spelling, grammar or grammar is a must.


  1. Don’t copy and paste someone’s writing anywhere. If you keep doing it every day, you won’t get bail. Google will blacklist you.


  1. If you want to get more organic visitors, you should write individual articles or articles without any copy paste, rewrite. Then the search engines will show your writing in front of the readers.


I remember a saying of Professor Ashab Uddin again and again, “To be a good writer, you must be a good reader.” In order to understand and earn online, one must read an article 100 times. But if you can learn.


I am a humble freelancer. I have written as much as possible in my little knowledge above, I will feel blessed if it is of some use to you. If followed, your content or article will gradually start going viral. No joke.


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