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Earn from Google  and Facebook

There are available part time online jobs in open source of internet. This kind of online work any one can do work from home to earn cash money. Most of the freelancing jobs site are providing easy work for students without investment. Not only students, women who are specially stay at home and the men who have need partial income to meet current family extra expenses they can easily do earn from Google adsense and Facebook. It may be main source of primary online earning.

How to make money online

The real meritorious student never stops his or her study due to financial crisis. He or She do over come it any way or discover the good earning way to continue study. Outsourcing jobs is the best place for his or her to earn money at home or hostel. Most of countries of south Asia have wide access of internet and available cyber café in and there. A good number of android mobile phones with internet users have of that country.

Earn money From Google

Online earning, Freelancing jobs and training, Outsourcing income, Work online, home jobs, earn cash from home, online inter jobs are very popular words in young generation and students of the countries. When any one talk or advice to the somebody about online work then present everybody of the spot eagerly wants to know, how to make money online. Outsourcing way is the best solution. There are many kind of outsourcing ways to make money online.
How much money I shall earn from online? It depends on my hard work, skills and methods. There can be a lot of money from here, if you are patient and work hard. Never steal, do not deceive and try to be honest to work.
You need an active website or blog to earn from Google advertisement ad sense. You must have seen billboards or posters where they (a dishonest businessman) claim that they can earn $ 10 to $ 20 daily – it’s a complete lie! when someone clicks on Google Ad sense ad of you website then you will be paid by Google. However, before you can earn here you have to create a data-rich website.Efficiently earn income as well.


Google support ads to popular blog or websites. One blogger can earn $1000 to maximum by blogging.

It is a method by which to promote a product on your website, and when the product is sold, you can get commission from it. There are many modern and good products that can be sold and people are eager to buy; You can also work as an affiliates. You can sell products through an “e-mail bank” via an email account.
Income from Banner Ads is a popular online income source. If you have a website or blog and its pages are of good quality and if good quality visitors arrive every day, advertisers will not hesitate to give ad on your blog. In this case, the visitor’s value is more important than the value of the site page. However, the higher the popularity of the website, the number of readers will increase and your income will increase.


Earn money from Facebook:

I do not think there is a need to introduce you with Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social networking site in today’s world. So many people want to know how to earn money from Facebook. I said yes even money can be earned from Facebook. Because we know that more than 80 million people across the globe use the Facebook. So there is a great opportunity for digital marketing jobs and scope. But Facebook will not give you money because of your friend or fan, but you can earn money online to use your friend or fans. It is necessary to use it for product promotion.

Facebook’s most popular social network is now being used to gain financially. The most favorable aspect of it is that it is universally accepted and the opportunities for income of each class are based on their position and skills. Anyone interested can earn money from Facebook through the right use of their own talent and time.

You can also earn from facebook ad to publish Instant-articles. If you have a website or blog you can earn to monetize it. What is Instant Articles?  A new way for publishers to create fast, interactive stories on Facebook

How many ways you can earn from facebook :

Facebook page:

I think you sre seeing many kind pages in Facebook

Make a Facebook Fan page

If you have no fan page at first you make any kind of interesting a fan page. Like Funny page travel page story or poem or new items page subject to public interest.

Write good quality content.

After made(open) the page you should attract others attention to your new page write unique and good quality of post to engage your fan. When your page will get 100% like comments then you will think for marketing and business.

Sale the post of fan page :

Now you have valuable facebook fan page where likes 1k. So you can sale the post the few sites.Now Fixed the price of the post. Never demand excess rate.

Earn from Affiliating advertising and link type advertisement by posting on your page. You can earn commission from the companies generating business.

Search freelancing Jobs:

There are many active groups in facebook who provide the jobs. You can do the work as per your knowledge and experiences.

Attend the online contest:

This is the best and easy way to earn money from facebook. It will increase your page like and followers and also win the prize money.

Only friends tag,invite, like comments and shares are work in the contest basically.

Open self group to promote your personal business:

You can open your self group where you can sale your likes product and campaign. Now like these group available in facebook. You can sale various categories product in the group.Like: Dress, Jewelry,Furniture, Toy, Makeup items, hair protected oil and  beauty products. Post the image of item and mention the rate. Also mention shipping cost and time.

Be a Influence Person:

You can also earn money online from your profile. If you have enough like comments share.

Earn to sell the old account:

It is not supported by fb, But you can sell your old account of social media, also page.

Facebook Shop :

This is a great app to sell online. There are two version in app. One Free and another one is paid.

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