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How to get MasterCard for online shopping in Bangladesh

EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

Just Bangladesh TK. 575 will spent for International MasterCard !!! Yes, what you see in the title is really. Just 575 taka per year you can take EBL’s Aqua Prepaid MasterCard.
EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card is EMV Chip card, bundled with a host of benefits. This will ensure more security, convenience and flexibility for making your everyday spending with a single card. One can buy it from any of EBL Branch which one will get instantly on depositing money. You can avail this card from any EBL Branches without having any account. You can also reload money whenever it’s necessary.

We know, MasterCard is offered from all the banks of Bangladesh if you have an account in the bank, through a fixed amount of fees. But the limitations of those MasterCards are that you can not do anything with that card outside the country, if you want to withdraw money from any kind of MasterCard supported ATM in the country.
Now a days the Freelancer who are working online from home they have to need to buy some materials from online, or need to pay facebook or Google ads. Then they have to must use international master card.
Otherwise you Cannot make payments online through international gateways,to buy anything online from outside the country. Our country currently has 7/8 million youths working online as a Freelancers. Different times they need to buy something different online materials. But due to the limitations of the banking system of the country, always have to resort to illegal means to make international payments or have to make a lot of trouble because no bank usually gives very much an international mastercard if you do not have a lot of transactions.

So, at one such time to reduce your cost, EBL (Eastern Bank Limited of Bangladesh) has brought for you Acquired Prepaid MasterCard. This card will be so easy that you will not even need a bank account. You can use this card at all MasterCard Supported stores abroad.
Whatever you need to take this card – Your age must be 18+. You must have a valid passport and you have two photos. Ready? So do not delay, go to the nearest EBL branch, and say, take an Aqua Card for international payment.
Benefits of EBL Aqua Prepaid Mastercard – This card will get you instant. However, it may take up to seven days to activate (this is the difficulty: P). You can load both Bangladesh Taka and dollars, but if you load it on the dollar, it costs a lot to convert from dollars to dollars. And you can use the hassle free way, if you know the card number in any branch, you can load the money.

You can get mobile notifications after purchasing anything, if you are unknowingly payment of anything from your card as well as can be dispatched with a customer care call, etc. There are many other benefits, including this card. Disadvantage There is nothing to say about the problem, yet, to say that in the branch, loading the money, and buying a dollar at a slightly higher rate, many of these can see the difficulty.


Banglades Taka and USD Dollar Dual Currency EMV Prepaid

Dual Currency EMV Prepaid Card

Discount facilities at over hundreds of partnered merchants countrywide

Getting faster access to funds globally 24×7

International and local shopping

Banking without any bank account

Round the clock cash withdrawal facility worldwide at large MasterCard ATM network

Absolutely free Cash withdrawal from any EBL ATM

Accessing to shops & restaurants throughout the globe

Paying bills online

Absolutely free reloading

Transaction Alert

Quick Facts: Acceptance: Throughout the globe

Currency: BDT & USD

Validity: 3 years (Renewable)

To collect card please visit bank EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card


Bank Asia Freelancer Card, Shadin MasterCard

“SHADIN” card for freelancers:

Bank Asia brings ” SHADIN ” MasterCard for the freelancers who working online through  legitimate way.
“SHADIN” card facility: Are as follows:
Bank Asia ” SHADIN ” MasterCard is a Dual Currency Card. You can deal with Bangladeshi “Taka” and international “USD” currency. It may be mentioned here that this card can be used by both individual and company names.
The facility of placing up to 70% of the earned foreign currency in an ” SHADIN ” card, through which there will be an opportunity for online or e-commerce transaction. There are insurance benefits for card holders.
The opportunity to convert 100% domestic currency through which the full use and investment of the foreign currency generated by the freelancers in the country’s economy will be ensured.
Money withdrawal and payment facility through ATM and POS machines inside the country and abroad
E-Commerce and All Kinds of Shopping Online (Bangladesh and International). Microchip will be attached to the card, which will encrypt data security
Free SMS alert for transaction, including payment of money, payment coming and withdrawal of money.
24 Hour Call Center Service
Paper required for taking SHADIN card:
Filled card application card
National ID / Passport / Driving License
TIN Certificate / Tax Return Copy
Two copies of colorful pictures
Work Order / Market Place ID Number / Payment Receipt Copy / Freelance Ensure Paper
If you very much interested please visit and download the application from here:
Shadhin Card Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Life Style prepaid card in EBL

Now It’s easy to get Life Style card by showing Passport which is double currency. You can both recharge by Taka. First time you will endorse $500 without money by the bank and upload taka or dollar as desire by you. Very Flexible way to pay international payment. You can use it for maximum payment.

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