Tour to Bangkok-Pattaya

If there is a place to travel in leisure, then in the earliest times, remember Thailand’s words. Like the picture, this country is surrounded by various types of cosmos and sea. Although Bangkok is a modern city, many kings have built many palaces entities in this city. In addition to the existing modern building of Bangkok, these old-fashioned houses are also standing with an unmatched beauty to meet your eyebrows.

There is also the Chhao Fraya river in Bangkok And on the banks of this river, the grand palace across a huge area. The palace has to go through in the green grass. The palace wrapped in gold is really wonderful. Once held here, all the activities of Thailand were controlled.

Pattaya, one of the most important tourist cities in Thailand, is inviting you to be entertained by beach, shopping, restaurants and temples. It is one of Asia’s biggest beach resorts – Pattaya, about 150 kilometers south of Bangkok. Here’s a fun romantic story spread across all beaches. The city of Pattaya is like a picture. This city is awake throughout the night due to the variety of spectrum lamps. In the name of darkness, many people are scattered in the city, many clubs, bars, restaurants etc. Many restaurants enter and appreciate the different types of fisheries sporting in the real Aquarium.
Pattaya Beach Road can go. From here you can travel around the beach in the speedboat without trouble. If you want to go down the dive, you can get in the water. And there is unexpected beauty waiting for your invention under water.
Being one of the most famous beauty cities in Asia, Pattaya has been attracted to many women throughout the year. And to attract these visitors, the locals also have many arrangements and service to attract the visitors. In one word, I would like to have many poems written on the whole of Pattaya. Once again pulls you back this town.

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