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‘’Do you want earn money from home online $ 50 to $ 100 in a day ? Then visit. I earned $ 4500 in a week. Don’t believe? See Proof in below ‘’ In such a way, we are being fooled every day in social media. Do not be scared? If you follow the website, you can learn a lot and get real information of how to make money online. In fact you will get at least find ways to earn income. Money will not come automatically in your pocket. Work to earn. Today I am presenting some of the most important information about online income:

1. Create a blog or website and earn advertising through advertising network such as Google AdSense or buysell. You can also earn directly through Google DoubleClick. Many people have a problem with Adsense Attributes. See AdSense Essentials on how to make AdSense adrub Adsense instruction

2. Email newsletter can earn by mailcamp. Find out the sponsor or subscribe. Where visitors will subscribe with the money to get a newsletter. HackerNewletter, NowIKnow and can be a good example of such work.

3. Open your own YouTube channel and become a YouTube partner. You can spread your video on many sites using the Oneload site.

4. Make something creative, such as handbag jewelery painting or cottage industries, and can sell it at Itsec, Artfire or E-Bay.

5. Design T-shirts and place them at, Jazz or Cafepress. Sell more.

6. Create an online retail store that can be located in its own domain or shopify, Square (link: Any item can be sold from the digital products to digital products.

7. Write books on any topic. Publish it in Kindle Store, Google, or IBook. You can sell and sell it to other retailers as e-book. You can use Smashwoods or BookBaby to sell another retailer.

8. Join the Academy Udemy or Skills Share SkillShare as a teacher Create tutorials on your favorite topics. From guitar to literary yoga, foreign languages can be taught internationally.

9. Learn coding. Work on a software development project at Market Place like Guru Guru, e-lance eLance, Appwork, B-lancer.

10. As a virtual office assistant, you can assist in administration or technical work. In this case, you will find plenty of work at e-lance, Task Rabbit or up work

11. Generate as a scriptwriter, such as a browser extension plugin, mobile apps (Android or iPhone). In this case, Code Canyon, Chupa Chupa or Bum press can earn by selling your code at BinPress.

12. Generate simple computer jobs such as data entry jobs, transcribing or visiting cards. For this reason, mechanical turk mechan can Turk Turk.

13. Creating creative works such as logo design, banner design, web design, making it possible to earn online by making the components of other marketing In this case, 99 designs can be made from 99Designs, Crowd swing Crowd Spring, Design Crowd sites like DesignCrowd

14. Do you have good voice? If you have not been in English language, then you can earn money by VoiceBunny, voice 123 Voice123 voice artist.

15. There are those who sing well You can sell Amazon Musicians, iTunes, Pandora, Speypie songs, if you have good music For this you can take help of DistroKid , Tunecore Tununoor, Lauder FM or CDBaby CDBaby. If you want to sell your audio files audio jungle audiojungle, pond 5 pond5 directly.

How you money Will you get At the tune of the first, say only those who earn money They have never begun to travel to YouTube
Can not be successful. Because the money in the first few months If you do not get frustrated then you will wear. How to earn money on Youtube by reading today’s tune
Maybe you will not learn it. But how to make money on YouTube Lets understand it. I hope you like.

What is youTube. Why pay money?

YouTube is a site of Google. Video sharing site. Current world’s most popular video sharing sites. According to Alexa Rankings, it is currently in Google’s ranking

Its place. That is the number 2 site. Because YouTube gives money They get money through your video. That’s your They publish the ad in the video. Add more Publishers give Google money to YouTube. Again They left 45-55% of the money and left you in the rest Gives. All in all, profit is Google. Take a little calculation.


How do you get money?

Suppose you open a YouTube channel. Videos Started uploading Gradually increase the viewer Took it. Subscriber grew. Although to earn Subscriber does not require. Viewers take it. Now the question is how much Viewers?  If you actually have a thousand viewers, YouTube is actually Give you money But one thousand viewers
How much will you pay? In this case, it is a bit complicated. The matter of giving money

To know, you need to know that your viewers are no Looking more than the country. The countries that developed as well as the country From the view you get more money. Such as:

Suppose, you have made a video in Bengali. Naturally Most of your viewers will be Bangladesh and India From In this case you get a little less money. Because we

Developed countries Suppose, most of your viewers But in America you are from the viewers of Bangladesh You will receive 4-5 times more than the money you get. The reason Add Publishers know that theirs in the United States The marketplace is much more. So they are from that country If more views are paid more money.
So keep in mind that no one can see your viewers The country? Money is more important than the video Value Take a look at your video. Which part Need to improve. Voices need to be edited more What not Where are you making the video? Video Background? What’s your video created on? Etc. etc. A lot of benefits of a good video. Its main advantages Yes: if your video is quality and once the viewer Watch Your Youtube Life Zintala The reason   Since then your viewers will continue to grow. So Look at the video. Whatever you need to earn money online from YouTube
1. A Google Account
2. Vertefied AdSense account
3. 18+ age

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