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This bad practice must avoid to be successful real freelancer

Online income without investment, easy ways to make money, real way to earn money and earn online from home are like these questions disturbing your mind when you feel extra income. That is why you want to make yourself as a good freelancer. By this time you have learnt how to make money online from your friend but they did not advise you the reasons you cannot be a good freelancer of perfect income
Three original facts to reach the desired goal of freelancing.
Freelancing and outsourcing are very popular subject in south Asian countries in young generations due to easy access on internet and cheap using cost.
In the last few years we have been able to understand the dominance of the freelancers in our country. In some cases there are variations. Differences mean those things, or those who can not even judge good evil in front of the eyes, what exactly should he do?
There are some things you can do to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a freelancer. See, because of the things I neglect here, you do not have to do more than just look at yourself and if you want to positively make those things your own. Then maybe you will not have to look back. So let’s see the reasons why you would not be a successful freelancer.
Perseverance or assiduity is the origin quality of the freelancer! This quality is not within you. You can not be perseverant or never tried Think of one thing, you might think, “I’ll be successful either” or “I’ll be that brother, it’ll be,” if you see all other successful freelancers earning through freelancing. There are so many things to see, this is true in many cases. But only what you want is because you do not shout because it does not make any sense. Your success will never come. Because the brother you want to be like a brother is doing a lot of persuasive but what are you doing? You do not need to do more if you want to succeed or to succeed! Just need to “intensify” your choice about your target! Once you start perseverance.

2. Timelessness
Those who are not persistent can never assess the time. Because when you start perseverance, you have to think a lot about time. Many people who came to freelance with this thought,
Yf you visit freelancing or outsourcing sites you will see millions of dollars work offer are posted daily. Of which 50% of the work is completed and the remaining workers are canceled due to lack of staff. You never believe in it because you do not have time to visit these sites. Because you’re busy with timelessness !!!
3. Unexpectedly running behind the money:
Come again “take the money in the sky” Currently there are some freelancers in our country. Those who do not really know the meaning of “freelance” or “freelancing”. Let them briefly say for them
What is outsourcing ?
Outsourcing or freelancing, currently the most enduring basis of the economic driving force in many countries of the world, including south Asian countries. Especially for youths who want to run their own pocket expenses as well as study. One time they were involved in such a profession that their future income became a permanent way of progress.
Outsourcing and Freelancing We both understand the same thing. They differ from fundamentally, but I am briefly saying their fundamental differences. Outsourcing means to bring any work or information to yourself or to send your own work or information to others. In this case, freelancing can not be called outsourcing alone. Any topic can be associated with it. In this case, the work of local / country is not known as outsourcing.

Freelancing means, the means of working freely or freely. In this case, freelancers are said to be neither collective nor ever, nor can they ever be. Freelancers work with everyone abroad to work independently in their own freedom. Nobody can interrupt or obstruct him. But yes, in this case, if someone does not work on his / her own efforts, then he or she can not be called free or independent freelancer. In this case, it is good to say that Freelance is under complete free registration and due to the small amount of money it takes to get the job done from the freelance company.
See you work you know it will work, but it’s okay. However, if you are silent, will anyone know you? Will you work? If you want to make money, you will have to tell your quality. Need to prove that you do best! If you do not do this way, you will just leave behind the money, the money will not be filled by freelance money.

4. Absence of learning to work
The new comers are the most inexpensive in this matter. Many people ask, “Brother, what is the simplest job? That does not have to learn anything “. Freelancing who says that is not for them! Because, if you want to earn income even by doing simple writing, you need to know how to write a job or write how much beauty you can write, buyer will pick you up from everybody! Many people say that I want to learn graphics or web design but where to learn, I do not know who to learn. For them, the Creator has not sent you blindly, do not you? You can at least browse / run the net. Do not Google then you are looking for that matter. If you are looking for Web Design Tutorial, then enter the keyword “Free Web Design Tutorials” or “Free Web Design Video Tutorials”. I’m 100% sure you can get your desired object. One thing to remember, now that you can find things in Bangla in 2012, but there were no Bengali even a few years ago. Those who are successful today, but at one time you were as well. They have become successful today by fighting a lot from this huge field on the Internet. Do you like them or not, do you try to find yourself? If you do not get it, then take it. Use your thoughts and intellectual strength. Otherwise, you cannot find anything from your own time!

5. Starting freelancing from erroneous ideas:
What is the wrong idea about freelancing; it may not be said at this time. Writing above is “Outsourcing or Freelancing What?” If you understand this issue well then nobody can mislead you. Even then, suppose you came to freelancing yourself by seeing those who were freelancing at ease. However, you did not know exactly what your brother or sister really did in the freelance service. And because of knowing your name, some bad people will take the opportunity to grab your precious time, labor, and money in the present society. Actually many people have seen it now that some people invest their money by selling their property and they are worthless. Once you were thinking or looking, you got to see the success of the brother or sister next to you. It may be that he invested money to learn work but not to get the job.
If you have any one of the above five reasons, you will never be successful freelancer. Do you find any similarity for yourself with the above ones? If you have found a match and dreamed of being successful, then you are walking in the wrong way! To clear more please you may visit my post work from home sure online earning

Watch other freelancers activities, talk with them , browse their feedback’ websites and understand what their customers are saying about them in social media.
Being a freelancer you can be very lonely and there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. From big successes to large let downs, if you’re not fueled by passion at every step of the way your daily work becomes that more harder. At first you should decide what do you want and then go through a master plan. To know more about it please visit my another post How to start freelancing

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