If you are a content writer in online, you must know how to prepare an article interesting and attractive. A good readable article can impress the reader and wait eagerly for the next article. Every Magazine has all the important news and views. But why some Magazines are most famous? Value, Magazine quality, interesting pictures or writing- Do not accept the role of the author here? To create interesting text you need to think differently about these titles, introductions, descriptions, and conclusions. I will discuss here as an article writer, how to make the article interesting and best steps and important to write article for freelancing site.

Headline – you should write bullet head line-Summary and hints of the article. The word ‘premature’ is enough to make sense of ‘junk’. Similarly, if you see the title of the article, you can get a full idea about the subject matter, as well as the title of responsibility to create an interest or interest to read the article. But if there is one thing or even more than one thing, write the topics in a book then correct all the headings.

Suppose your subjects are as follows:
1. Tips to make articles beautiful.
2. Some tips for writing articles.
Title can be
1. The way an article is beautiful and fascinating.
2. Make articles to be accurate and acceptable.

Best steps to write article for earning site

I have a bad habit, but when I read the newspaper, I ended up reading the title. Then choose to read one or two details. Those who like me can make them readers only with a beautiful headline.

Each Paragraph of the article are a article
Regardless of part of each section of the description, think of each article as an article. The article, title, role, description, and end of everything will be there. Give each section a title. Imagine the role of the first line, the end of the last line and the middle part of the plot. There should be a lot of difference between the size of each section, or not. This means that if a reader only sees the headlines, he may win the idea about the article’s content (can understand). Apart from the headlines, he can understand how much the article can be useful for him. Well, do you think he can leave everything in the headlines? Hey No – Every heading will force him to read the piece.

Introduction to the articles of the article where the shadows of the article are shown
When people look at the mirror, the shadow of man can be seen, if you look at the role, the shadow of the article can be seen. Tell people before shade before? Surely man How do you create a beautiful role without creating a description? Write in the description of what he wrote in the substantial role. Easy to answer, 3 questions should be answered in the role – 1) Who is writing for? In this section I wrote article writers that the reader can easily understand whether it is written for it, 2) What is the need to write? In this section I wrote the article’s purpose so that the reader can easily understand what it will be useful and what are you writing? In this section I have highlighted the detail section so that the reader can easily understand if there is any information needed for it. Writing in this way will not be an article, but the article’s shadow must be done. However, it should be remembered that the volume should be consistent with the size of the article.

Never start with a large paragraph, it will kill mentality to read your articles. Remember it, reader like short and sweet word paragraph if not thesis. Finally give the story substance. If you read the article again and again, it will be revised and updated, sweet and interesting. To be a good writer you should made yourself as a good reader.

Summary: Good content and best techniques


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