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Father’s day. What do people do

World father’s day will be observed on 17 June in Asian countries in this year 2018. Though it is celebrated on a variety of dates in the world, but many countries observing this day on the third Sunday in June every year. This day is a new concept in Indian sub continent, East Asia and far east countries. But USA, Canada, UK, Australia and most of the European countries also regularly celebrate in every year.

Fathers day Gift Shop

What kind of gift you are thinking ?

Some people visit fathers home with special gift like Card, Flowers, Cloth, Sporting equipment or Luxury Foods. Many families arrange a party on the day, Prepare special meals, Enjoy with the Father and gift to him. Step Father, Father in law, grand father (Grandpa), Great -Grand father also get respect and celebrated in this day with  flowers and Cake.

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