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Every country of Asia has a vast number of unemployment young people. If they cannot be used properly at the right time, then it will cause burden and serious danger for any nation. It can be one of the most effective solutions for this educated people of the countries as earn online from home, outsourcing jobs or as a freelancer. Through this, the potential development of a country can be opened. Outsourcing is an organization that does not own the work, but with the help of an outside organization or person. This may be a part of any project special or whole project.

outsourcing to reduce production costs

Freelancing is when a person works on a contractual basis or organization without working in a particular organization. As a freelancer has the freedom to determine the type of work, so is the freedom to act when you want it. In the traditional office time, the freelancer is not limited. Companies are usually outsourcing to reduce production costs. Sometimes outsourcing is due to lack of adequate time, labor or technology. Basically, IT-based tasks (such as Web Development, Software Development, Writing & Content, Design, Multimedia & Architecture, SEO / SEM / SMM, Data Entry etc.) are outsourced.

Freelancing prerequisite
To start freelancing, it is important to have a skill in one subject. You must have a good knowledge of your internet usage. But if you have more than one computer skills, then naturally you can work in a wide range. Most of your clients will be non-Bengali, so you have to contact them in English. They can take your interview through Skype or other messenger service. So it is very important to have good possession of English.

What to do
Freelancing marketplaces can get different jobs depending on your skills and experience. Simple tasks include Search Engine Optimization, Article Writing, Data Entry, etc. Naturally, since the tasks are easy, bidding is the highest in these areas and it is difficult to get them. One of the more difficult things to do is Web Development, Product Development, Software Development, Graphics Designing etc. In difficult tasks, there is more payment than for easy work.

Training Course :
Many of our country cannot earn through outsourcing or freelancing due to lack of right outsourcing way. Regardless of this problem, “Freelancing and Outsourcing” courses have been organized by Primitive Solutions. As a result, anyone who participates in the “Freelancing and Outsourcing” course can build a quality career online. By applying your valuable time, it is possible to earn a little more than $ 200/300 dollars and earn more than this because of your ability and hard work.(Outsourcing and freelancing training ensure you earn money online from home)

Considerable Issues:

A client will work with you only when he is happy to see your profile, and he will be bothered by the amount you make. So first of all, you have to create a beautiful and well-established profile that anyone will be interested to work with. At the same time, you can visit different marketplaces, learn about their needs and develop your profile accordingly.

To make a good profile, you have to:

1. Make yourself skilled at a particular task. In this case, you will get the most help from search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and various video tutorials. There are also plenty of training centers in the country, they can take some basic training from them. But not only will it depend on training centers, you will need to learn a lot about your work when you go ahead.

2. Make some work according to your skill. For example, if you are proficient in web designing, then make some web pages, show them on your Marketplace profile. If you are a writer or photographer then put some samples on your profile.

3.,,, etc. can be used to test the skill measurement. It is important to give them. The greater the probability of getting more work, the greater the chance of getting the job done.

1. A large part of the freelancing projects come from western countries, with our time difference between them 5 to 12 hours. Bidding started as soon as the simple projects were posted. So you have to bid nightly at the beginning of your freelancing career.

2. Be sure to check the account of the person who posted the project first to understand whether the act is genuine. Take a look at others feedback about her. See if he is verifying the payment. After getting the bid, get the project, ask him how he wants to give a payment, when he can give it. 3. Try to keep a good client.

How to bid

Bidings are mainly done in two types.
Project Fee: When a project is offered to the marketplace, you can bid on how much you will take to complete the entire project.
Hourly Rate: In this method, you can bid for any project you want to pay per hour to work for a project.

How to transfer money in your local bank account:

1. Bank to Bank Wire Transfer: Some of the marketplaces can directly bring the money into your bank account. However, it cannot be done from all marketplaces, in which case you can use online services to exchange money. In this process, your money will be credited to your account on the marketplace as a dollar. After receiving the money, you can transfer it to Skrill or any such Money Services account. In this case, you may have to pay transfer fee by marketplace.

Then you can take that money from Skrill to any bank account in your country.
Any less developed countries can built online earning community group which members are officially unemployment and earn money online from home. Local administration can give them training for learning and earning outsourcing way in largely. I have written this article to remove poverty by given online facility and training from our society.

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