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How to make money online

Earn money online or internet income from home is now talk of the world for young generations.If we are discuss on the title we should understand how to make money online? How it is works. Many men asking us what is freelancing and what the difference of outsourcing and freelancing.

We live in the age of science and technology. With the help of science and technology we have invented many wonderful things. Internet is one of them. It is the blessing of science for the world for the people. Today we can enjoy various objectives of the world through  internet . It brought the remotest places of the world on hand. It has some exceptional power. We should use this technology properly for self and nation development. We can widen our knowledge by it in different fields. Internet  gives us a lot of opportunities and it mainly influence more on young generation. As every things has its both negative and positive side so internet has also two sides and we should use only positive sides which provide us useful.

Freelancing and Outsourcing are far differences

Who have got access internet, he is online. Online earn and internet income are same. Freelancing and Outsourcing both word meaning are  about to similar but there are far differences of their work and scope. Freelance or free career, Freelancer is a free professional. It is the work of a person who does not have an employer appointed. A free professional is a self-employed career or professional at the same time. Outsourcing is the source of the work of those free professionals, from where they operate different types of work into different parts, contracting contractual bidders from different free professionals and coordinating and completing the original work, and this is an organizational process. Freelancing is a personal process.

How to make money online


Now we can discuss  about the title. How a man or women earn from online stay at home?  In my opinion, Its very easy process. But need few training and courses to do earn money online. There is no better income for a needy student than freelancing can be. For this reason, I am saying that:

1) It does not need any financial capital, only if there is a laptop / computer and internet connection.

2) There is no restriction for this, it is possible to increase / decrease the freelancing capacity by keeping in touch with the study speed.

3) Freelancing requires a lot of work to be done for a specific purpose, which will greatly expand your overall knowledge.

4) Freelancing is a profession that allows you to start as a full-time part time.

5) A freelancer is an internationally recognized international worker, because he ensures his bread and bread from the international market.

6) During the student time a freelancer can earn 10,000 – 25,000 rupees per month (if he is skilled at work). And if this profession is taken as a full time then earning 50,000-100,000 rupees a month is not very difficult. In the last words, to be a successful freelancer, you may have to cross a long time, but 2-3 months is enough for the month to reach level 10,000. Now you know how good your needs will be. And you must take that decision freelancing enough to meet your needs.

Reliable and secured freelancing jobs site

There are some reliable and secured sites in outsourcing that can be used to earn you. Such as Upwork, Freelancers, Guru, 99design etc (30 online Jobs site you can get income) To work on these sites you have to be an expert on one of the topics like Search Engine Optimization Expert, Web Developer, Writer, Data Entry Worker or Graphics Designer etc.

If you know the works of Photoshop and Illustrator, you will definitely get online jobs. That’s a good portfolio, so you can upload one of your best samples. In order to apply to various buyers project, make sure to create a good and attractive cover letter, highlighting your eligibility. By examining more graphics design related topics and by applying the appropriate “Hourly Rate”, you will get big opportunity of  works.

Learn something, then come to freelancing. From the first time to earn you can work on the micro job sites (Do Click earn Money).

How many ways you can earn money online? Here i have tried to make a list for my respected readers which he/she can see as birds eye.

Simple outsourcing way.

This kind of work will kill your time and will not give you satisfied amount. There are also need top most patient. Here you will earn from online one penny two penny or $0.2. Dot of waters makes a ocean. Penny, Penny makes a dollar. Few PTC sites give you satisfies amount of money subject to patient and continue jobs.

01. Take part survey

02. Watching film,ads, video

03. Watching Advertisement

04.  Attending offers-Personal online jobs

05. playing online games.

06.Online Captcha solving work

07.Data Entry Job ( If you get data entry training on a reputed institute you will get better result)

08.Sell Photos in online photo selling site

09.Earn from Mobile Apps.

10. Copy paste work.

General Educated or Secondary level :

01. Content or Article Writing . This kind of jobs is easy for new newbies. You can earn good amount money from international market by written various type of articles in every month. To know details Please visit my articles link: Make money writing Articles. Actually from beginning of freelancing one should start to work on content or Articles writing. If you you visit above link you will get huge reliable and sure paid company which will pay you for writing articles.

02. Virtual Assistant

03. You can earn good amount of money by Proof editing, Articles editing and books review writing services. For details and clear way you can read my article Read book, write reviews and earn money.

04. Get paid for your nice video. Few sites that pay you online money for upload videos. But you should ensure the quality of video.

05. You can sell photos in online.  Few online websites that  pay you after sale your good photos to their clients. So you should catch beautiful photos by your hand phone and digital camera.

Experiences Level full time or Part time jobs :

Who have done long term outsourcing and freelancing training course successfully below jobs for them. Hundreds of thousand jobs are available in this level in online.

01. Make Blog or Website – Publish ad in your blog or websites from google adsense and facebook instant article. More over you can publish ad  a lot of your local  and international ad sources.

02. Affiliates Marketing-You can read the details in this link What is Affiliate marketing?

03. Earn from Outsourcing Jobs site ((30 online Jobs site you can get income)

04. Social Media marketing- There are many kind of Social Media marketing way to make online.

05. Web design-Every day thousands  domain are creating in the online world. They need good Web designer. You will not get any modern company which have no website. The value of web designer  day to day increasing.

06. Graphic design-This is a great job for online activities. Web and graphic designer jobs are the best and top demand job in outsourcing.

07. Android Apps development

08. Digital marketing/ Online marketing/Email marketing/ sms marketing

09. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)- You can earn big amount from website owners to sell services.You can also

Earn money online from Freelancing, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing using SEO experiences.

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