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Million jobs in freelancing sites. Which is yours?

Top outsourcing sites offering millions job to the Freelancers. What is your capacity? what is your experiences? which subject you will prefer to work at home on line?Based on your experience and skillfulness you will try to do the work from various categories. Which category is your first choice?  Which category is the best match for you? In the best freelance websites you will may get good job and earn money online.

Freelance outsourcing will be a major source of income and employment in the future. More than two lakh young people in the country are involved in freelancing. This amount is gradually increasing. Inspired by their success, many went into freelancing without realizing it. But before going to work, you should know well which work is more popular in the marketplace or what can be done for Bangladeshis. This article is about 5 such popular freelancing jobs.

Now a days   freelancers of the world are working into outsourcing way in freelancing job websites which categories are follows:

Web, Software & IT Design

Art & Multimedia

Writing & Translation

Sales & Marketing

Admin Support

Management & Finance


Engineering & Architecture

I can mentioned here that more details to understand the work category on above.

Web, Mobile & Software Dev
All Web, Mobile & Software Dev
Desktop Software Development
Ecommerce Development
Game Development
Mobile Development
Product Management
QA & Testing
Scripts & Utilities
Web Development
Web & Mobile Design
Other – Software Development
IT & Networking
All IT & Networking
Database Administration
ERP / CRM Software
Information Security
Network & System Administration
Other – IT & Networking
Data Science & Analytics
All Data Science & Analytics
A/B Testing
Data Visualization
Data Extraction / ETL
Data Mining & Management
Machine Learning
Quantitative Analysis
Other – Data Science & Analytics

Admin Support Job

Data entry
Micro soft word
Power point
Customer service
ms access
accounting software processing
Outlook Transcription
Micro soft word

Copy paste Job

A) Engineering & Architecture
All Engineering & Architecture
3D Modeling & CAD
Chemical Engineering
Civil & Structural Engineering
Contract Manufacturing
Electrical Engineering
Interior Design
Mechanical Engineering
Product Design
Other – Engineering & Architecture
Design & Creative
All Design & Creative
Audio Production
  1. B) Graphic Design
    Logo Design & Branding
    Video Production
    Voice Talent
    Other – Design & Creative
  2. C) Writing
    All Writing
    Academic Writing & Research
    Article & Blog Writing
    Creative Writing
    Editing & Proofreading
    Grant Writing
    Resumes & Cover Letters
    Technical Writing
    Web Content
    Other – Writing
  3. D) Translation
    All Translation
    General Translation
    Legal Translation
    Medical Translation
    Technical Translation
  4. E) Legal
    All Legal
    Contract Law
    Corporate Law
    Criminal Law
    Family Law

Intellectual Property Law
Paralegal Services
Other – Legal

Online Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Video Marketing

Web Analytics

Local Listings

Domain Research

Search & Display Marketing

Marketing Strategy

E-Commerce Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Web Traffic

You can earn from above outsourcing ways as full time or part time worker.

Make Google your closed friend. If you ask any successful freelancer, everyone will say that they have learned maximum ways from Google searches. The matter is really true. From creating profiles to getting the job done, you can find everything online now. Stay active on social networking sites. You can also take a look at the tutorial from YouTube. However, before starting work as a freelancer, you will need fast internet access and advanced configuration computers.

We can discuss most demand categories of freelancing market place

Web and Graphics Design: A graphic designer is able to meet the needs of the customer by using a number of colors, typefaces, images and animations. Its output can be either digital or print. There is no shortage of work for a graphic designer if you can create yourself well!

Content Writing

One of the easiest and most promising ways to earn money online is writing, which is called article writing or content writing or content developing. Only those who are good at English can take writing as a career. Content writers write content for a variety of purposes. In addition to web content, content is developed for resource books, brochures, leaflets or other promotional activities for various businesses.


Blogging and affiliate marketing

While not a marketplace, blogging and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to build a career online. Lots of young people from Bangladesh have now confirmed their smart careers through blogging affiliates. There are a lot of successful bloggers and affiliate marketers who are earning 2 to 10 thousand dollars per month from this sector.

Search engine optimization

In this age of internet commerce, no organization can be imagined without a website! If there is a website again but it doesn’t work now. It also requires extensive marketing to reach everywhere. Search engine optimization is one of the most important ways to spread the word about a website. Google’s first strategy for getting a website started is called search engine optimization.

If you know English well, you can start learning search engine optimization. There are some SEO tasks that are not very difficult. This kind of work can be done with two or three months of training.


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