Post by SGN on January 17, 2018, Revised on Mar 14, 2017(updated)

Day to day increasing peoples living cost in every country. Most of the people are facing hard condition to survive the life under financial conditions. Besides workless and less income people are growing in every country of the world in every year.

World unemployment rate increased. At the same time, in the country there is also a partially employed or semi-unemployment rate. Especially half the unemployment rate has reached an alarming stage. Higher unemployment rate is very high. They do not have enough money to earn life. Employment has not been created in comparison to the increase in labor force in labor market than in the last few years. That is why the labor force that has the opportunity to work in full unemployment and partial work has increased in proportion to the whole world.

In this situation digital peoples want to earn extra income and enjoy with it.  Would you like to earn extra money from online? Outsourcing way is the best solutions.

Ordinary or simple Jobs, Primary jobs, experiences jobs and professional jobs are available in hundreds outsourcing job sites.

All kind of people can do the work now online as per their prefer time and places. Its simple way is Make Money Online. Many ways you can earn money from online. You must need internet connection, Mobile, Tab, Laptop or desktop computer with modem.

At Primary stage you can do work with smile and earn with play.

  1. Make Play and Earn from apps
  2. Watch video and play games
  3. Earn from earn sites
  4. Make Blog or Website
  5. Affiliates Marketing
  6. Publish ad in your blog or websites from google adsense and facebook instant article.
  7. Work with big outsourcing sites as freelancer like,,,

If you want to earn from above job provider you need few work experiences. At first open the account or signup…then try to study and work.

Moreover many android apps are giving little money for micro work like watching video, advertisement, play game, like and share the post in social media.


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