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If you want to earn money online, you do not have to study less; the more you study, the better you will be. To earn an income here you will not have to spend 25 years. If you spend at least 5 to 8 months behind freelancing, you will be able to learn well and earn the amount of HUGE income. It takes two years to go. … The price of brain work and labor in the country is very low. It is possible to do the same thing here at a very low cost for the amount of work to be done there. Today I want to discuss the barriers to the freelancing and outsourcing in the modern market places. If all the educated young people of our country are well-versed in freelance outsourcing, then it is certainly possible to do a lot of good things in this sector.

The new ones who want to come out outsourcing are the first obstacles that they are facing-

Who can do freelancing and outsourcing? • How to get a good training? • What are the requirements for training? • Where to go for training? • Who will provide training? • How much money can I earn through online outsourcing jobs? • What is the future of freelance outsourcing?
Many such questions arise in the minds of everyone interested in being a new freelancer. Let’s see if the answers to all your questions are available here. Who can do freelance and outsourcing? Anyone of college and university students, housewives or any other age group will be able to work on full time or part time basis through our standard course. Those who are working in public or private institutions such as tech, doctor, etc., they can freelancing / outsourcing at work time as well as free time. How to train? In this case, I will tell you in the first place that you will have to decide if you are mentally prepared to work in this freelancing field. Wherever you train, wherever you are trained, you have the ability to apply your qualifications at work. Because the first thing you need to do in this sector is your willpower and right focus.

What are the requirements for training?
To work in the Freelance outsourcing, you must have some qualifications. The primary qualifications are:
• You should have fairly good skills in English;  Be skilled in running the computer; Be capable to run the Internet;
• Must have a personal computer and a good internet connection; Must have plenty of patience; Where to go and train?
Now it is possible to ask where to go and get quality training. There are many Outsourcing Training institutes in our country who are developing skilled manpower in this sector by training newcomers. Suppose you want to be admitted to a college or university for higher education, the first thing you will feel is that the reputation of the institution that I want to be admitted to college or university, whether it is possible to apply the work at home after passing the standard of their status, How the teacher values, and so on etc. In the same way you will see, hear, understand and then go to the Outsourcing Training Institute at your local places.

Who provide the highest quality freelance outsourcing training service? Since freelance outsourcing is completely technology-based, you must know who is or who is providing this training, how much technology is involved with it and that is always updated in this case, because freelance outsourcing is constantly changing, adding, deleting new information data. You need to know whether they are aware of any new methods.
Let the check of qualification of master trainer. How many project he has completed in different marketplaces
How much money can I earn through work? In the case of freelance outsourcing, no one will ever be able to say correctly that you will earn this amount. The thing about the thing is entirely on your own. The amount of time you spend in this profession, the type of work you choose and the amount of work that you pay in exchange for the amount of money you can earn. If there is patience, initially not earning more than 5000-10000 taka every month, but it will remain in time with time and may go up to 2-3 years by going to be 150000 – 200000 or more, but it requires skills, hard work and honesty.
Freelancing is one of the most effective solutions for this skilled manpower. A large part of this manpower has been struggling with unemployment problems due to lack of job. In Bangladesh, Philippines, India, China, Indonesia and Pakistan are earning huge amount of foreign currency through freelancing, in the same way, if your country gives due importance to this sector then it will be able to earn a lot of foreign currency through solving unemployment problems. But it requires actual training.(Outsourcing and freelancing training ensure you earn money online from home)

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