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The outsourcing way  is a outsourcing web institute for freelancers of Bangladesh. This is not direct coaching center of outsourcing and freelancing training. Peoples can learn how to make money online,  the way to earn from freelancing jobs market places.


Benefit of outsourcing

This blog made for newbie, new freelancers who wants to learn and earn from open sources and market places in Bangladesh. Outsourcing bd is very popular topic of bangla language speakers and writers. About one million young and experienced men earning money from international market place in every moment. To save cost and time control and company owners are doing outsourcing work in worldwide various way.  As a result freelancers and small company both  are gaining by freelancing marketplace to do work outsourcing way.


In this context  we should know ( If you have good knowledge on any topic please skip one ) below questions answers.

  • What is freelancing
  • What is outsourcing, Outsourcing meaning
  • What is outsourcing jobs
  • Outsourcing work
  • Outsourcing Income
  • Outsourcing Market Place/ Company
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Types of Outsourcing
  • Online Outsourcing
  • Ways of Outsourcing from Bangladesh.
  • Best Outsourcing ways

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is divided into “free” and “freelancing”. Freelancing means freelance job. .
Freelancing is the use of internet services to do other people’s work at home or to sell one’s own products at home. Now you can do some work in the office of a businessman in Dubai by sitting at home and communicating through the internet. If a Dubai resident gives you some money in exchange for work, you can say it is freelancing income, online income or online income.
The guy from Dubai got you through outsourcing, gave you the job, paid for the job. The man’s job is in the outsourcing way. Why did the man do it like this,

Before discussing in detail, newcomers need to understand What is the difference between outsourcing and freelancing?

In our country, in recent times, the definition of online income, outsourcing, freelancing, etc., ideas, who says, all these are being discussed and criticized among freelancers. Everyone is also giving arguments.

What is  Outsourcing?

Through the Internet, different organizations make different types of work. Outsourcing to do these things with someone outside their organization is called outsourcing. Those who do outsourcing work, they are called freelancers.

Outsourcing is a combination of two words. One is “out” and the other is “sourcing”. That is, when a job is done through a third party, we usually call it outsourcing. For example, many companies outsource some work to someone outside their paid staff. In short, outsourcing is the act of outsourcing one’s work to another.

What is the difference between freelancing and outsourcing

Some body feel that both freelancing and Outsourcing are the same thing. Actually, both are completely different things. Even though understands the same thing, there are meaning of them are differences. In one word it can be said that outsourcing means to give one another to another And freelancing refers to working independently. Freelancing is a matter of online, through the Internet you will work for others and get online money in return against works. There are many freelancers who are doing full-time jobs, as well as almost every 2/3 hours freelancing work.Freelancing is useful for everyone but certainly have good skills about the computer operation and the Internet. But you have to  must good knowledge and training the job to earn online  good amount from freelancing at home. Besides, knowledge about contemporary technology, especially good ideas about various types of sites and services on the internet. You can read my earlier article How to start successful online income.


How to outsource?
To get the job out of outsourcing, you have to be proficient in any of the above mentioned topics. Then you can apply for work. Because of this there are many marketplaces online. Among these are Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and Peopleperhour etc. 30 online Jobs site you can get income Opening an account on these sites will make the profile beautifully arranged. You can take a few ideas about these marketplaces from More Job sites for new freelancers this link.

Freelancers participate in bidding in the Freelancing Marketplace in two ways:

• Fixed Fees / Project Fees: Employers / employers want to invite bids to freelancers through a project marketplace. He said what is his budget for the work, how many days
In this case you can bid on how much it will cost to complete the whole project. If you want more than the budget allocation, you may not get the job.

• Working Hour Rate: In this method you can bid on how much you will be paid per hour to work for a project.
The way online freelancing works

In case a company or an employer on its behalf is willing to do any of its work on an outsourcing basis, i.e. by an outsider, it lists itself in the freelancing marketplace, soliciting bids from freelancers for the planned work as a verified client. It is also said how much money he has allotted for the work, how many days. Or you can do it as an hour if it is urgent.

Outsourcing work

Account for the number of jobs that you can do efficiently and easily in the freelancing marketplace. Then get to know A to Z better about that marketplace. Create your own profile in every popular marketplace. Add your skills to the profile. Be prepared to do what needs to be done to complete the profile.
Take part in an online test to certify your skills. Prepare for what you need to do next. If you pass, the results will be added to your profile automatically.

What is outsourcing jobs

Basically no person or organization earns income through outsourcing here. Individuals earn income through freelancing. And the work that the organization does is outsourcing. In this case, the organization is an outsourcer. The person who bid from the marketplace and took the job is a freelancer.

The company hires outsiders through the marketplace, reduces the company’s costs, and lowers costs. The cost of hiring people with a monthly salary can be done through an outside freelance job site, which reduces the company’s current costs. Small European-American companies operate outsourcing.


How do I start outsourcing, how do I start freelancing?

Again, outsourcing and freelancing are two opposite things, don’t confuse the two together. Outsourcer (who works) and freelancer (who works, does). Homeowners and tenants are not the same.

Dear reader, if you want to learn the work of freelancing, then you can start working in one of the following ways. However, the first condition is 01. Patience, 02. Patience, 03. Patience. Overnight, 2 weeks of work training, 2 months of training with freelancing can not take the main income profession.

How to start an online income:

01. Learn by watching Youtube Video tutorials.
02. Practice video tutorials for different people or organizations
03. Completing an outsourcing course in an organization.
04. Taking chalk in the hands of a friend or elder brother in private.
05. You can learn something by reading books, in which case the help of Youtube Video tutorial is very helpful.

Before learning freelance work from an organization or person, you must know about the organization or person. How much experience he has in online income. Check his profile and portfolio.

Online income, income earning website
Marketplace, Outsourcing

There are several outsourcing marketplaces, websites for freelancing work. Thousands of freelancers search for jobs on these websites every day. Again, the owners of the organization or the officials on its behalf are also looking for skilled freelancers on these websites.
Some of the most popular outsourcing jobs or marketplaces are:

Market Place list

(4) 99


There are many more websites where you can do freelancing work. But you can’t get money from them.

Outsourcing may be way for  the firm to avoid operating with a labor union. Outsourcing is a way to reduce assets investment to improve asset productivity. Outsourcing is a great way to save money by third party work solution.


If  you want to earn extra money for your daily expenses you can try outsourcingway to get outsourcing work. It is available in outsourcing job  website.


Outsourcing is such an attractive way for firm to tap into foreign markets. To day hr outsourcing can done in different ways which of the following one of those ways. Best outsourcing ways  can save companies big amount of money  for light works.

It may be mentioned here that outsourcing jobs  for students  in Bangladesh are also available in online market places. Now a days outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh are very popular topics.

Finally i want to say that outsourcing is very simple matter. But few newbie feel confused about outsourcing and freelancing. They think both are same subject. I think you have understand from the paragraph what is the difference between outsourcing and freelancing.

One freelancer can earn from freelancing market places by outsourcing way.

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