Search engine optimization and freelancing as a career

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Now total world are growing and developing fast by the grace of internet communications. It is giving us golden opportunity of work from home online internet jobs. Most of talented young men are proudly say that they have no bosses. They are independent worker. They are publishing business card as owner operator.
This is the time of the Internet. There is no good company without website. It requires extensive marketing to give it everywhere. A website is a way of spreading search engine optimization everywhere. The number of websites are growing worldwide, search engine optimization (Seo) worker are also increasing day by day. Freelancing marketplaces are also increasing.

According to the freelance marketplace, a search engine optimizer can earn up to $500 by starting and earning $1000 in a month. Need is just the right direction, effort, patience and time. Now, along with boys, girls are doing well in this profession. According to the international freelancing and outsourcing jobs data, 23 out of every 100 freelancers  search engine optimizers are women.

What is search engine optimization ?
Search engine optimization word has added three words. The first two are search engines and the other is optimization.
Saying the search engine – By finding a web site through which we can find the information we need very easily. Such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu And optimization is basically some method or technique. We know, there are thousands of websites on the Internet in every subject. But when we search or search for it in search engines, we can see the best quality 10 web site as the result of the first page. Since just 10 websites appear on the first page from thousands of websites, everyone is aiming for this page to have their own website. Because users usually do not want to find their desired website in the top ten, do not go to the second page and re-search using any other word. Generally, more than just the site address of the site is in the beginning of the list. That is why the early companies are more successful in the business. The technique to bring a website to Google in the first place is called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is mainly divided into two, on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

The importance of search engine optimization:
Since most internet users search the search engines in their required information, it is very important to go beyond the top of search engine results to increase product sales and sales. If your product and service search by entering keywords, then your website will appear first and the visitors will make more clicks on your site. More clients actually sell more, it’s known! Whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, e-commerce entrepreneur, service provider or freelancer, you have to do SEO to find a customer.
Simply speaking, you do not have to earn money from the internet, just because you have to do it through the website. And to promote this website, your SEO will be!

Why do SEO?
If you can bring your site to the Top 10, SEO will be a lot of profit. If your Web site is to be brought within the SS 10 results by SEO then the number of visitors will increase and the number of your income will also increase.
There will be a lot of visitors coming to your site top and if your site is a business related site then there will be plenty of information.
 You can earn a lot of money using Google Adsense add-ons on your site.
 You can use the AFFILIATE MARKETING SYSTEM on your site. There will also be good income.
 The more versatile income sources can be on your website. But the most important thing is that thousands of SEO jobs are available in the freelance marketplace, which allows you to earn a lot of foreign currency.
Freelancing career in SEO
A freelance SEO income. The revenue of a search engine optimizer depends on his work and skills. The more Effective work can give you  more income. Generally, a site can be found on the first page of Google, depending on the keyword of the site is available from 200 to 1 thousand dollars. In addition, other tasks can be earned from $ 2 a month and can be earned up to $ 20 per hour. The forum posting, link building, back link or bookmarking at a fixed price can also be available from $ 10 to $ 200 in outsourcing market places(outsourcing jobs site). However, depending on how much time you will need and work on any keyword. But usually a skilled search engine optimizer can easily earn millions of money from 20/30 thousand in the month by his brilliant work.

Google adsense
If you click on an advertisement written by Ads by Google, then the owner of that website will get a specific amount of revenue from Google. Most of the websites on the Internet are income from this Google AdSense website.
Advertisers advertise Google through Google AdWords and those advertisements display webmasters or bloggers on their site through Google AdSense. It’s a money-earning and popular media online, which is recognized worldwide.

How to earn from Google Adsense?
To earn from Google Adsense, the first thing that needs to be done is an informative website or blog, where there will be a lot of information data on a particular topic and different stories. You should open a account in the Google Adsense and after approval the your application you setup advertisements tools on your good website or blogs.

Affiliate Marketing
Helping to sell or sell the product or service of others and to receive a commission from a marketer’s affiliate earnings at a specific rate.This whole process is called affiliate marketing. One of the most effective means of selling products through the Internet is affiliate marketing. Internet marketers can use this media to promote an organization’s product through internet.

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