The price of each Bitcoin is 10 thousand dollars!!!!

Post by SGN.  17 February 2018 : In the last two weeks, on Thursday, for the first time, Bitcoin exceeded 10 thousand dollars.

After 70 percent of last quarter in December, the digital currency has raised hopes among the capitalists that they will get their lost money back.

Bitcoin was the head of negative pressures in the backdrop of global gains. In addition, hacking was a result of money laundering.

The recent incursion of a Tokyo-based institution worth $ 5332.9 million has stirred the whole world. The first digital currency authorized by the Financial Markets was risk-free since the beginning of the year.

Note that Bitcoin is the symbol of the currency traded through the Open Source Cryptographic Protocol. There is no need for financial institutions, regulatory bodies, or fixed houses for Bitcoin transactions.

In this case, due to the use of Bitcoin encryption and Blockchain database, it is possible to transfer funds in a very short period of time. In 2009, Satoshi Naakamoto introduced this coin.( Source:Information collected from internet).

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