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Posted by SGN. Feb 01,2018

Many outsourcing ways to make money in online in digital life. By created a good blog site you can earn a handsome money. If you creates it, you always online. You will be treated as a good writer, blogger or freelancer.

Total world watch you on online. It is a great chance for us to focus our thinking and writing.

We are lucky we can contact one and another with minimum cost maximum talk and we can show our thinking and articles to others very easy. Total world is now greater village.

But have you good present in web?   That means have you any online profile, blog or website? Its easy in this time to make. You can make free and easy blog to focus yourself in the web.

You know something special or you can write on any topics  ..what is your desire. Yes, I am telling you to write in online. you can creates free blog. Many company gives us this opportunity within 10 minutes. No need enough technical knowledge or hire  an engineer.

Millions people creates  personal blog extremely  free of cost. It may be mentioned here that the tendency to generate passive income has become popular with freelancers. Blogging is the most ideal way of doing this. It is possible to generate a good quality passive income by creating a blog on a particular topic and by regularly posting and content marketing.

The best part of blogging is that, if you are asleep then you will get money from your blog. However, for blogging it is necessary to have a detailed knowledge on specific topics. Because if people are not benefited by visiting your blog then your blog’s bounce rate will increase and you will not get the desired income.

For this reason, first decide whether you want to create a blog. First create the Free Blog. Please read this topic for a while.

Then start with a domain and hosting. After a few days apply to AdSense or any add media. And after applying it add ads to your website. Keep in mind that in order to get an advertisement for blogging, visitor should be more focused. Because if the visitor does not come to your blog or goes away, then the possibility of getting more than the results from the blog is as expected.

You can earn from your blog by affiliates marketing and advertising. Google ad sense and face book monetizing can are good source for it.

You can ask a question, why Big advertiser and affiliates will give you ad in your blog, read your articles Because people  read your articles, visit your blog and sharing in social media.

How can I Make a free blog? How  to start a blog without technical knowledge.


You need a primary email address. You can creates a blog  from  the popular blog site  or

Ready made auto software here. No tension. You will see every thing is ready for you.

Primary step :

  1. Sign up

Choose the blog name

Confirm the blog address( like…

Template /Theme (body design) choose from ready sample

  1. Creates your blog in web present by write welcome post.

Be smile ( Don’t forget to give me thanks)

Everyday write post, share it in social media and increase your readers and visitors.

I think you have got good idea about How can I Make a free blog? How to start a blog without technical knowledge.


After made a good looking blog, continuing everyday posting you can do your blog monetize. That means you think earn from this blog. Without advertiser or affiliates support you cannot earn enough money. So you should work for attracting advertisers and increasing visitors.

You can earn from facebook instance articles, google adsense or other advertizing network and  big affiliates organizations by showing their ads on your popular blog site.

Don’t forgot it that popularity, huge per day visitors and good campaign are main factor for blog or website monetization.

You can also earn by sale your blog or websites.


Thank you very much.



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